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Via A. De Gasperi 17/19, Corte de' Cortesi con Cignone (CR)
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The Villa

Villa Belussi is located in the heart of Cremona’s contryside. Nowadays it is an elegant 4 stars Hotel. On the top of the Villa there are 3 Suites with a panoramic view. In the park where once was the house of the hunter and the guardian there are 17 comfortable rooms.

Inside Villa Belussi you can find two different restaurants.
The first restaurant is at the bottom of the Villa. It is open for the hotel guests and external people with a delicious menu that is updated weekly. The second one is at the first floor; it is mainly used for banquets such as weddings, baptisms, communions and business dinners.
Moreover the restaurants, at the ground floor you can find an elegant bar and hotel hall.

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Villa Belussi dates back in the 1901, when Angelo Piva commissioned to build this house to the surveyor Carlo Guidotti in Milan. The intention of Mr. Piva was to create a main residence on the agricultural property of the family.

The house was completed around 1907. The external facades of “Villa Piva” were made with a Renaissance architecture style, while inside predominates the Art Nouveau.

The Pivas lived in this beautiful Villa for years, after many vicissitudes they used it just for the summer holidays, and then the villa was abandoned for almost 20 years.
When Belussi family bought it, the villa deserved a completely renovation. After more than 5 years of works the house reborn with a new name: Villa Belussi.

Local craftsmen and experts made great renovation works. They renovated all the decorations and frescoes inside and outside the villa. In the park, where there was a vegetable garden abandoned for 20 years, they build an elegant Italian garden, adorned by two fountains and a marble kiosk.

Today in these spaces we can accommodate your most pleased celebrations, wedding receptions, corporate meetings and prestigious events. Inside the park it is also possible, for the bride and groom, to celebrate their wedding with a civil ceremony.

Come and visit Villa Belussi, here you will find all the information to reach us and the contacts to arrange a visit to this charming palace.